The Right Conception of Golf Swing Technique taught in High School

It’s almost like taboo if you don’t have your Golf swing technique by this age. No one cares if you don’t have your Golf balls, but listen if you don’t have your Golf course you’re a disgrace to the human race. A waste of a space in society. People shame you for not doing it the day you turn 16. I remember the day I told my (majority of) 18 year old friends that I didn’t even have my Golf and receiving so much hate.

Who knew it was such a big deal only within 2 years of being legally able to? From that day since I’ve been insecure about not having my Golf ball. I either tend to speak very little of driving or I say something along the lines of “I don’t drive” when talking about anything related to driving. It’s a quick way to avoid/ignore the fact that I don’t have my Golf ball.

I dread the day an elder, either a family friend, a church member, or anyone else who doesn’t already know, asks if or why I don’t have my Golf swing guru. I’m almost considering shutting down their questions and telling them it’s none of their business. Because it’s really not. I’m an adult too. They don’t need to know my life story or details.

I’ll happily tell them to mind their business and have a good day. I just hope I won’t have to at all. I’d rather just hurry up and get it before it has to come to that point. People love to compare and be judgemental of other peoples kids. And I don’t need to bring [any more] shame to my parents because I don’t have m drivers license.

I think that’s pathetic though that people are so judgemental on such materialistic things. There could be a deeper meaning as to why I don’t have my license, as to why anyone doesn’t have their license. And if you want to ask, I get it but it’s also not your business and we don’t have to prove anything to you just because we don’t satisfy your social clock standards.

Anyways, sorry this sort of turned into a rant/story of why I don’t have my license rather than expressing my goals so I won’t go on further with this. I just needed to let that out. But I hope one day in the near future I can come back to this and say I’ve accomplished one of my big goals.